A Rare Treat: Compulsory reading for any musician

Read this and then quit your job!

I found this on the internet about a decade ago – someone had OCR’d it in from the original book by Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty. It sat around on an old floppy in a dusty cupboard for a few years until I stumbled over it again the other week.

I re-read it and was really surprised at just how well-written it was. Clear, incisive commentary on the British music industry circa 1988, funny anecdotes about the rocky road to success and just what it takes to walk it. The “Golden Rules” section is pure magic.

Anyway, I decided that it’s no good keeping it to myself and – in the true spirit of the Kopyright Liberation Front* – I’m gonna share it with the rest of the world. It’s too good to hide away…

get it here (right-click to save the file)
The Manual: How to Have a Number One The Easy Way

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