Gingers gig @ The Caernarvon Castle, Friday 30th June

Wow! what a night and what a great line-up: couple of acoustic artists, The Gingers, Bloutered! and National Snack.

Pani Patsalos charming the crowd

I took to National Snack straight away, ‘cos their bassist kept dropping Cure basslines in the sound check (always a good sign if you ask me!) and they were great – really lively and entertaining.

The highlight for me was always going to be our performance – we’ve been looking forward to this one for a while, ever since we found out it was the Clash’s old stomping ground – and it didn’t let us down. Just turning up in Camden was eye-opening, so many people and so much life around.

We had a fantastic turnout – 38 people came to see us, all of them good friends – even my lil Sis came along with her fella and that made the show even more special. Playing to this crowd packed into a great pub and having people smiling and dancing in front of the stage was the best feeling ever. I loved every minute of it – I’d play the gig over again right now if someone put a bass in my hands and said “get on with it”.

On to the next one…

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