Old Man River

This is a video clip from 2005 that I took of a very talented musician: Ohad Rein. He’s a solo artist who is also a member of an Australian band called ‘Nations By the River’ and has played with the likes of the Sleepy Jackson and Gomez.

His MO is a little peculiar – he travels round the world, stops off for short periods and then assembles a band to play his music. Everywhere he goes, it sounds different.

I was fortunate enough to see OMR in late 2005 – I saw them by accident at a gig at the Rock Garden in Covent Garden, where my friend Arda was playing, and they were so good that we all went to see them again the same day. We saw them one more time, for their final gig at the 12 Bar club in Denmark Street, before Ohad left for warmer climes.

The gig was amazing – a tiny venue, about 30 people there and the band managed to rouse us into a frenzy by the end with a stunning Bob Marley cover. The band’s own songs were great and I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to get hold of the album they recorded whilst in London (you can only buy it in Australia). I’ve received a copy in the post today and I can’t wait to listen to it.

Anyway here’s the clip. It might give you the slightest clue as to what’s so special about this man and his music

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