Photoshop CS3 / Dell Monitor colour profiling issue (Mac OSX)

my good friend Dan has been exploring the quirkier side of Photoshop CS3 recently. It seems that when he hooked up his shiny new Dell monitor to his MacPro that it reset the CS3 Colour space to a Dell RGB one… that then forces all images and colours to be converted when they are saved out for web. Here’s the lowdown:

The problem I was having with PS CS3 web export was to do with the color profiling set up.

The Dell monitor(s) installed automatically impose a Dell RGB color space on PS leading to a color shift when you go to ‘save for web’. This is because the default profile (Dell) is automatically converted to sRGB when you select ‘Save for web/devices’. The shift in tone, gamma and saturation levels means that the colours become lighter and quite obviously different to the original.

To ensure this doesn’t happen (and that your colours are correct when they are exported out as GIFs, JPEGs and PNGs etc.) go to:

1) Edit > Colour Settings

2) Change your RGB space to ‘sRGB IEC61966-2.1′

This seems to fix the issue that I was experiencing and sets a precedent for future set ups.

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