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JQuery 1.2.6 quirk in Internet Explorer 7

I’ve been doing a lot of work lately with JQuery and I love it… I really do, it’s a great piece of code, nay, framework, that strips out all the pain of working with JavaScript and provides a launchpad for great code and interface adventures.

Nonetheless, it’s not without its headaches and recently I lost a few hours to trying to figure out why my JQuery functionality refuses to work on Internet Explorer 7. It’s very frustrating, as everything works perfectly in Safari and Firefox and then as soon as IE comes up the site goes suddenly two-dimensional with none of the interesting UI customisations that JQuery makes so much fun to build.

After a bout of head scratching, coupled with the realisation that JQuery 1.2.3 works fine I started to experiment with the way the script was invoked, fearing that IE had some kind of issue with it.

Sure enough, that was the source of the problem and as soon as I changed my JQuery initialiser to run the “old-fashioned” way, the scripts came magically back to life. So here it is:

If you’re having problems running JQuery in IE, open your html and look for the following lines

and change them to this. Be sure to check the closing part of the script too, as that is different

hopefully the JQuery developers will sort out that problem in time for the next version…